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ePayItOnline: If paying medical bills is a hurdle for you as a patient, then respite now as a revolutionary and impressive method has been introduced to make payments smoother, easier and secure for you. ePayitonline is the online portal especially designed for elderly patients and individuals who want to avoid all the hassles involved in medical bills payments. Regardless of the number of their medical bills and amounts, anyone can visit the online portal and make easy payments of their bills without hassles.  

ePayitonline is the secure online payment gateway designed to help patients and individuals make medical bills effortlessly. It has emerged as the most convenient online option for payments of medical bills without visiting the store. 

ePayItOnline – Pay Medical Bills Online:


Brief Overview of ePayItOnline!

ePayitonline is the online website developed by data media association, and it makes online medical bill payment smoother and easier for you. The website gives easy access to all your medical records, bills and allows you to make online payments of medical bills without visiting the store. 

Now patients are not required to go through the cumbersome process of paying their medical bills. They can make use of ePayitonline and pay all their medical bills using different payment modes. 

Requirements of ePayItOnline

To make online payments for medical bills, you first need to access the ePayitonline portal and register using personal details and start making online payments. Since it is the online payment portal, you need to provide certain information to access its services. 

  • Ensure to have the hard copy of your medical bill handy with you.
  • The client ID to access the medical bill, a unique code mentioned on the medical bills, and you have to use it to access the bill online for payments.
  • You also need to have the access number that is printed on the medical bill. The two-point confirmation system and both the access number and client ID must match for easy payments.     
  • Reliable internet access for uninterrupted payments
  • Laptop, PC or a mobile device with internet 

How to Register with ePayItOnline?

The registration process at ePayitonline is quite simple and easy. The safety of the users is the prime concern of this online portal. To register with the portal, you have to follow few simple steps. 

  • Visit the official website of ePayitonline at www.ePayitonline.com. At the homepage of the website. You need to provide a few personal details to start accessing the services.
  • You first need to enter the Code ID that is printed on your medical bills.
  • Now you have to enter the access number or access code printed on the medical bill.
  • Now click on the “Submit” button after providing the codes.
  • After you are done with the first process, you have to provide few personal details, including your name, email ID, contact details, last four digits of social security number, credit or debit card details. 
  • All these details are necessary for successful registration at the portal.
  • You need to assign all your details to the medical bills so that when you visit next to pay the bill at ePayitonline, you can directly login and pay off the bills easily.
  • After successful registration at ePayitonline, you will receive a confirmation email at registered email ID and login credentials. 
  • Click on the link offered to you on your email and create a username and password for further login.
  • Log in using the username and password and start making payments seamlessly.

Payment Process at ePayItOnline – Step by Step Guide

After registering with the online portal, you can start making payments for all your medical bills effortlessly. Below you will find the easy step by step guide to making payments at the portal.

  • Visit the official website of ePayitonline and log in using your credentials. 
  • Enter the Access number and Code ID and click on the “Submit” button
  • After providing the login details, you will be redirected to the dashboard of ePayitonline
  • Go to the payment page, and you will see the soft copy of your medical bills.
  • Choose the medical bill that you want to pay and proceed.
  • Now you need to choose the payment mode that is suitable for you.
  • Provide all the payment details and amount and tap on “Continue.”
  • Finally, click on the “Pay” button, and your payment will be done automatically.
  • Upon successful payment, you receive a confirmation receipt of the payment on your registered email ID.
Customer Support!

Customers who are facing any challenges while paying the bills may contact the customer support team at www.ePayitonline.com/payitonline/ContactUs.aspx. They need to enter the number and register the complaint and click on the “Send” button. The executive from the online portal will call them back and resolve the error they are facing on the website.  

Refunds are only available when the payments exceed charges for all dates of services, and exchange is not available as the portal doesn’t sell or ship any items.